Sera Part II

As mentioned couple of posts ago, the S. family had a part two to their session, this time just Sera and her grandparents. We took a stroll in downtown Woodstock, and took few pictures in the park.  It was quite emotional for me, as it made me realized again that my little girl will never hug her grandpa like Sera can…
But the session also made me eager to take some great pics of my kids and my mom when she finally arrives here!

September mini session

I had a break in my mini sessions for the summer (way too hot this year), but fall is finally here, and hopefully I will be able to have the mini sessions on a regular basis.
I’m so happy that the parents I work with, let the kids be… kids during the shooting. I’m  not a fan of a child sitting straight in front a camera, and doing a generic smile.  I want the kids to run, and play, touch the grass, make a face, feed the ducks and hold mommy’s skirt… I want them to show their real personalities, so we will know in 10, 15 years later, who they really were. It means that there always be parents, that will not be happy with the way they children come out on my pictures. But that’s OK. We are all different, and like different things.
And I want to think, that I’m different in the way I take pictures of the kids :)

After the summer break

I’ve been busy and really behind with my posts. You may not know but I have another passion beside photography :) and it is working out. Volleyball would be my choice of a professional sport, if I was just a bit taller :) . So I had to settle down for… weight lifting. Few months ago I became certified personal trainer and since then I’ve been working in LA Fitness, and I’m loving it!
It doesn’t mean I will give up photography. No way! I may just be a bit behind with my blog posts :) .
So let’s start with what happened since July. First  my good friend, called by my kids “Mimi”, asked me to do her family portraits. Below are few pics from this session. There is also part two, where the grandparents were included- post soon.


A couple of weeks ago I was asked to photograph a baptism of little twin boys. It’s been a while since I’ve been at this kind of event but was very excited to do a different session that I’m used to.  It was so hot that I was probably the second one (after dad) who wanted to go inside to cool off :) . But we got some good shots, thanks to a very pleasing and shady garden in front of  St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.
And what a good looking family it is! Look at this gorgeous Mama!
I’m looking forward to photograph these boys when they get older.

The C. family, Megan and horses

I had so much fun with this family! They didn’t complain at all about coming so early on Sunday morning, they were cool and very natural . It was such a relaxing session- we were just walking around the farm with horses and dogs running around us, and I was trying to capture this family as they are in their everyday life.  I think I succeeded, and I hope they think that too.

I also shoot few pictures for Megan, who owns the farm. Pretty lady in cowboy boots with a horse- perfect setting for dreamy pictures.

The Campbell family photographer.

Few weeks ago I met Lorrie and her family. She had a sweet baby girl just few weeks before, and was eager to make some newborn pictures. Oh, I wanted them so badly too,  but Ansley was already three weeks old, and having mind of her own- no sleeping, and definitely no posing :) .  So my job was more challenging but we came up with good results.

Big brother had his session too:

What a good looking family!

My friend Mayra asked me to take some pictures of her family. I was more then happy. The girls are only three but they were acting like professional models- for two hours there was no even one complaint (though I believe they were promised some ice cream afterwords :) ).
Whole family rocked and mommy with her porcelain skin and dark hair looked stunning!

April mini session.

It was only the beginning of April but felt like middle of the summer. And in spit of us starting early, the sun was already high and blasting strong by 10am. But we managed to do some good work there. Kids had fun watering the plants and playing with bubbles and I had fun shooting pictures of them. Here the results:

Hello world!

Hello everybody, and thank you for stopping by.
I just started my work on this blog and galleries so bare with me as more info will come.