Alice and Kevin got married.

I was very excited to photograph this wedding. Alice and Kevin were such a fun couple when I met them to first talk about the ideas for pictures. They chose a great place-The BriarRose Resort in White Plains, ideal for talking outdoor shots. Here is a sneak peek from the two days I got to spend with them. Enjoy!

Downtown Woodstock session.

This session is from a while ago and I’m not sure why I missed posting pics from it here.
H. is my work out buddy from the gym, the only one so far who can keep up with my leg routine :) . Besides great set of legs :) she has two awesome kids who were so much fun to photograph. Great people and so photogenic!

Sneak peek from H. family session

Last Sunday I had a pleasure to photograph beautiful 6 months old twins and their big sis. Everybody worked very hard for the whole 2 h and we got some great results. Here is a sneak peek from it.

Little Jake- 4 months

What an adorable little boy! Very alert, very playful, giving smiles on left and right. I think he liked me :) I hope he did, as I definitely would like to see him more often.

Another beautiful family.

I had a chance to photograph Addison and her mom in spring last year. This time they were joined by the rest of the family. This little girl may be one of my favorite models.
I love her intense, full of curiosity and interest look.  The whole trio was so easy to work with- great parenting  skills from mom and dad!  As a mom of two, I had something to envy a bit :)

Fall Wedding

Today is a good day to blog about this wedding. It’s one of those  rare days in Georgia with snow and freezing temperatures. So it is particularly nice to remember, that just few months ago in Dallas GA there was a pretty, warm afternoon on which one lovely couple tied the knot.
I’m very thankful to Amber Jennings from who invited me to photograph this wedding.

I wish I had a picture of the best moment (for me) of the whole event. It was the bride’s father speech. I’m not sure anybody was taking any pictures then, as we were all very busy wiping our suddenly wet eyes.

Best of luck to Adam and Ashley!

Little Miss Kaiden.

I went to see my friend one sunny morning and got some shots of her four year old daughter. She is a very independent little girl that only does what SHE  wants. Next time I will have to be more prepared and bring some cool gadgets to bribe her a little to get her cooperation.

Another beautiful family.

Learned from the chilly morning the day before, I moved my next day session to late afternoon, just couple of hours before sunset. I’m glad I did. I think I will start shooting in late afternoons more often now. Mornings are great, but they tend to pass in this latitude so quickly, and leave me with harsh lightening way too fast.
I had some really beautiful family to photograph that day. Those two boys were so handsome! They wouldn’t sit still for a moment and I had to chase them, and sweat to get some shots. But I’m very pleased with the outcome.

One chilly morning.

When I got to the park for my morning shooting the temperatures didn’t rise above 32 degrees. And you may not know me, but I barely function when it’s cold (and I’m from Poland by the way :) ), specially my hands get literally numb. How to use a camera when you can’t bend your fingers?
But the morning sun was so gorgeous and little Hudson so happy, and brave in this cold, that my job turned out to be pretty easy.
At the end of the session we were joined by the rest of the family for some nice group shots.

Talking Rock Park

I drove north towards the mountains to meet and photograph another handsome little boy. Talking Rock is a great place to take pictures- old buildings, train, trucks, park, creek.
I may go there more often.