Amie and Josh married

It is been barely a week since their wedding, but Amie and Josh just got back from the honeymoon, so I thought I would post a longer then usual sneak peak, as their wedding was definitely something.
This was probably the most entertaining crowd I got to hang out with. I knew part of that crowd from a previous wedding and other sessions, but I know Josh mainly from the gym where we both lift weights. He is one of those guys who is totally into his work out – come, lift heavy, don’t talk to anybody, don’t smile, don’t even check out the girls, leave. I didn’t know there was another side of him :) . I would show you some pictures as a proof of my words, but that could cause come major disturbance on the net! I will only tell you that some of those pictures I was taking with my eyes closed! :)

Amie and Josh, thank you so much of letting me be part of your wedding and please grow up into…your parents. You would steal dance floor at any party you go to :)


and they lived Happily Ever After…