Vinewood, Newman wedding- Raquel and Braden- 10.19.2013

I met Raquel and Braden at their engagement session. Down to earth, fun and what a good looking couple! Any photographers dream, right? :)

Few month later we met again, this time in Newman, at beautiful Vinewood Plantation. I was so honored that they chose me to capture their special day.

Their first look….



Allessio and Tahliyah got married

I met Allessio few months ago when I photographed another event in his cousin’s family, which I still have to blog about :) . I didn’t know at that time he was getting married so I was really happy when his sister contacted me and asked me to photograph the event. I got to see so many familiar faces and spend time with these fun and very warm people. It was a small backyard wedding perfectly showing the couples’ easy going and fun nature.

You know the party will be fun if the cabinet it stocked like this one :)

Meet Allesio:

And his wife




Amie and Josh married

It is been barely a week since their wedding, but Amie and Josh just got back from the honeymoon, so I thought I would post a longer then usual sneak peak, as their wedding was definitely something.
This was probably the most entertaining crowd I got to hang out with. I knew part of that crowd from a previous wedding and other sessions, but I know Josh mainly from the gym where we both lift weights. He is one of those guys who is totally into his work out – come, lift heavy, don’t talk to anybody, don’t smile, don’t even check out the girls, leave. I didn’t know there was another side of him :) . I would show you some pictures as a proof of my words, but that could cause come major disturbance on the net! I will only tell you that some of those pictures I was taking with my eyes closed! :)

Amie and Josh, thank you so much of letting me be part of your wedding and please grow up into…your parents. You would steal dance floor at any party you go to :)


and they lived Happily Ever After…

Back at the TR with some familiar faces.

I was very happy to hear again from Michelle, after all it’s been only 6 months since I did their family session. She needed updated photos of her boys. Photograph Oz’s smile, and Chase’s amazing eyes again? Oh yeah, sign me up for it:)
It was a fun session. Parents were entertaining the boys (and me) with some crazy stories and then using my reflector for some pretend karate fights. Boys were laughing, I was shooting and we got great shots.

Acworth summer wedding.

I really don’t mind working as a second shooter at a wedding (thanks again to Amber from Eclectic Exposures for inviting me to join her As a second photographer I mainly have to  work with …the guys!
After my long days at the gym and seeing guys only in their standard outfits- shorts, t-shirt, shorts, t-shirt with holes, shorts, holes that are supposed to be a t-shirt …, it is such a nice treat to hang out with guys dressed up like those at my last wedding :) . Oh well, I’m a girl :)

Here they are:

even the little ones looked stylish:

but then I had to do my job and take some pics of the actual wedding :)

beautiful bride:

and all of them having fun:

Charlotte turns One

That was some sweet session for me.  Some of you may noticed, that one of my favorite little models are those that don’t…smile :) . I know that parents (me included) want to see their own children smiling, but when I actually want to capture their personalities, I like to catch them when they are lost in their own, few years old world. To freeze those moments, when only the frosting rose from a cake matters, not the whole party waiting for them.
And that’s how little Charlotte was.

Fader family photographer.

Full summer, mid 90s by 10am but luckily for me that didn’t discourage Tracy and her lovely clan from talking some outdoor shots. After all the twin girls had just turned 6 months. We wrapped it up in something like 40 minutes , sweat running under the shirts. But it was worth as we ended up with some great family shots.  Can’t wait to photograph them again :)

Summer mini session

I returned to Talking Rock few times this summer. I just really like that little town, without “No trespassing” signs, the photographer’s biggest nightmare :) . This time with few of my past clients and friends for some late afternoon quick sessions. Kids did great, the weather was perfect, the temperatures dropped down to a very pleasant high 70s, and the late afternoon sun draped kids faces in beautiful gold tones.

Handsome Nicolas was first, looking stylish in his hat:

Then my favorite little Diva with parents and little brother who got so big since I photographed him when he was just a week old:

And finally two of my own children’s close friends, sharing sweet brother and sister moments. Now if only I got my kids to act like that :) .


Summer Contest.

Summer is not over yet, I believe August is always the hottest here in Georgia, but the children are getting back to school soon, and hopefully by now you took already those precious summer pics of them. Why not use them to win a great price!

I borrowed the idea of the contest from the follow photographer as I think it is an excellent opportunity for you to win some great fall pictures done by me- Kasia Sutton Photography, and for me, to get to know you.

The rules: submit up to 4 summer themed pictures (family, children, and pets) and emailed them to me- Pictures have to be taken by you not professional services; unless you are the professional photographer. After submitting I will arrange them in a collage and post them on my Facebook Page for voting. I will not be a judge of the photos. Your friends, family and other viewers will be. They will have to vote on your pictures  to get your pictures to win. To vote you have to “like” my FB page (Kasia Sutton Photography) and post a comment under the collage you want to win. Person can vote only once on a particular collage.
Collage with the most votes wins its owner FREE session with Kasia Sutton Photography, one 8×10 and 5 5x7s! (Session has to be booked by the end of 2011.)
Spread the news about the contest and get your friends and family to voting as you don’t want to miss this big price!

Photos have to be submitted by Saturday August 6th, and the voting will begin right after the pictures are posted, and will last two weeks. You will find the collages in the “Summer contest” album. Lets get started!


Sweet sisters Midtown session.

There was lots of sessions since the last post which is good for me but bad for the blog :) , as it leaves me with less time for updates. But I have to be more consistent with blogging, as I really don’t like the quality of images on Facebook. The same images look on the blog so much better!

So lets start with the session in Midtown with two beautiful, half Italian little girls. The theme for this session was fruit and flower,  as the pictures were serving as a gift for the 4th wedding anniversary. We didn’t get to much fruit going on -newborns and toddlers tend to have minds of their own : ), but we included some flowers. Hope Dad enjoyed his gift as I think pictures turned out perfect!

The two week old:

and the two year old:

and all three girls: